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Ticker: PRZ

Protocol: ERC-20
Total Supply = 1 Billion

Inflation =  5% annual

Burn = 1% of transactions


Purchasing Pre-sale Tokens

Method One: Participate in Launchpool 

  1. If you do not already have one, please install one of the following wallets: Meta Mask, Wallet Connect, Trezor, or Ledger.

  2. If you do already have sufficient funds, please fund your wallet with enough DAI, USDC, or UCDT to make your purchase as well as some ETH for gas fees. If you want to check how much gas fees are before funding, you can go ahead to the next step and come back to fund once you know the approximate gas cost in ETH.

  3. Click through to the PRESENCE Launchpool

  4. Connect your wallet

  5. Click Stake Now, select the currency, enter the amount to stake and then click Approve


If you need help with wallet related issues, please contact the person who gave you access to this page.

Method Two: Use our DPA

Request our DPA (Debt Payable by Assets) agreement from the person who gave you access to this page. Please tell them your purchase amount. 

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