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Build Community On YOUR Website

Building an online community has never been more important. A strong online community will help you engage with new and existing website visitors like never before. Imagine the possibilities of creating a community of like-minded people that share common goals, interests and/or values.

Building an online community is ideal but it’s challenging on flat and static webpages, which is why many companies, schools and organizations have built their communities on Web 2.0 platforms like Facebook.

As a result, however, their brand is diluted if not diminished by all the ads, social “news” and other distractions that come as a result of ceding one's community to Facebook.

We understand your frustration. We believe that no one else should control your community but your community.


We’ve created Canopi Enterprise to create safe digital space above webpages where everyone is a real person in good standing. Our SDK enables you to build an engaged, self organizing community over the web. As a site owner, you bypass the middleman and build community directly on your website, enabling visitors to meet, interact and have private conversations.

The choice is clear. You can keep building someone else’s platform or start building your own.

Canopi Enterprise picks up where Facebook pages drop off!

  • Increase user retention

  • Increase user satisfaction

  • Increase user loyalty

  • Increase your revenue


Install The SDK



Build Your Community



Grow Your Brand


Canopi Enterprise

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