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As the world rapidly transforms from a physical brick and mortar economy to a digital data-driven economy, several important questions should be considered by those who are called to participate in this new economy.

  • Who will build the technological infrastructure that holds this new digital economy together?  

  • Who will design the next Level of the Web?  

  • Who will help guide the quality standards and policies that govern it?  

  • Which communities will own this infrastructure?

  • How do we create our own digital infrastructure?


We at Presence DAO have built a next-level digital infrastructure that sits above the Web.  


An innovative platform that makes today’s web hyper-dimensional, offering new ways for the world to see and interact with information and one another. The platform enables unprecedented levels of connection, coordination, and collaboration. 


The data generated powers new digital experiences and makes the applications we use smarter and more useful to real people. 


This is the first time we’ve had an opportunity to build the ground floor with respect to digital infrastructure.

Our Presence browser overlay enables real people to engage over web pages while being rewarded for creating useful knowledge on the web. To date we have spent over $500k developing not one but two groundbreaking products; Canopi Enterprise and the Presence Browser Extension.  Both are in their MVP stage and launching in private beta with engaged user communities.  


We invite you to be the first to engage in an innovative future web that is above the scams, abusers, and false information. 


Be amongst the first to become a token holder of Presence Browser and participate in our DAO. (DAO is short for a decentralized autonomous organization, a community running on blockchain software that allocates resources.)


The Presence DAO supports the governance of the Presence Browser including input on priorities and rewarding participants for their overall contributions to creating value in the ecosystem.

Click the button below to join our pre-sale.

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