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Connektion Is EVERYTHING

Welcome to the first web4 social platform that allows you to connect, learn and have fun with others on a variety of topics.

Google Docs meets ZOOM

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  • Connect with like-minded people
    Engage with others who have similar interests. You can join rooms on topics you’re passionate about and engage in meaningful discussions with others.

  • Learn new things
    We’re your destination for learning and personal growth. You can join rooms hosted by experts in their field and learn from their experiences and insights.

  • Build professional connections
    Network and build connections with others in you field. Use use the platform to find job opportunities, collaborate with others, and share expertise.

  • Sorry Not Sorry
    Learning and networking is cool but sometimes you just want to vent, have off topic conversations and see where things go. We’re here for all of it…

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Connekt is a social networking app that provides opportunities for users to connect with like-minded people to have fun, learn new things, and build personal and professional connections.
We make connecting easy, fun and engaging!

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